Consultations on the customs legislation

Consultation on Customs law and foreign trade may be relevant, both for companies that decide to engage in such activities for the first time and experienced companies operating in the market for several years

Providing customs brokerage services

LLC «METENERHOMASH» has years of experience in providing customs brokerage services. The problems related to customs clearance, heard, probably all, even those who never engaged in foreign economic activities

Services in the area of customs

Customs control zone – designated place at checkpoints across the state border or elsewhere in the Customs territory of the State within which the customs authorities carry out customs formalities

Customs and a commercial warehouse

LLC «METENERHOMASH» provides hosting goods at the customs and commercial warehouses in its territory

Composition temporary storage

Temporary Storage Warehouse (TSW) is different from other storage systems that is a zone of customs control

Forwarding services in Ukraine and abroad

Under the contract of freight forwarding, one party (forwarder) is obligated for payment at the expense of the other party (the client) to perform or arrange the contract of meeting services related to the transport of goods