Consultation on Customs law and foreign trade may be relevant, both for companies that decide to engage in such activities for the first time and experienced companies operating in the market for several years.

In the latter case, customs consultation will be needed after the decision to expand the business, entering on new markets, or the prospects of new, non-specific products.

Thus, the concept of foreign economic activity includes any activities of the company, with an international exchange of goods, services, information, financial resources, international investments, etc.

The main documents regulating foreign economic activities in Ukraine, the laws ‘On Foreign activity’, ‘On the order of payments in foreign currency’, and the Customs Code of Ukraine. In addition, there are many regulations of various ministries, which often contradict each other, because without professional advice on foreign trade sometimes just not enough.

The company «METENERHOMASH» provides advice on a wide range of issues, including:

  • consultations on non-tariff regulation;
  • advice on the application of the customs, currency and tax laws;
  • calculation of customs duties;
  • preparation and study of international contracts;
  • advice on general foreign trade questions;
  • advice on customs regulations freight;
  • checking the import contract in compliance with the legislation of the country and its requirements;
  • identification of goods foreign trade codes;
  • consultation with customs and foreign trade tariffs for permits and certificates.

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