Temporary Storage Warehouse (TSW) is different from other storage systems that is a zone of customs control. It gets a load here before you pass customs inspection and customs clearance fulfilled. Only after completion of all customs procedures, cargo can be sent on to its destination.

Services Responsible storage of temporary storage can store a variety of product categories for up to 90 days with the possibility of returning them to the customer.

Services include warehousing and handling all types of cargo, because fleet forklifts and other warehouse equipment is a mandatory attribute of temporary storage.

Among the services we provide TSW:

  • Customs clearance and customs declaration regime
  • Declaration of the goods
  • Registration of customer documentation
  • Authentication of documents
  • Transportation, loading, unloading, reloading, correction of damaged packaging products, as well as for other cargo operations required for customs clearance;

LLC «METENERHOMASH» invite you to cooperate and guarantee the respect and guarantee povnnu for storing your goods!

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