LLC «METENERHOMASH» has years of experience in providing customs brokerage services. The problems related to customs clearance, heard, probably all, even those who never engaged in foreign economic activities. The majority of complications occur at the stage of registration of necessary documents for customs clearance of goods, because in each country its own rules, and they can vary greatly for different categories of products, even within one country. And ignorance or failure to comply with these rules threatens a minimum fine and a maximum forfeiture of goods. To avoid this, it is best to trust the process of customs clearance broker professional.

Top experts from across the country working with us, so we quickly and efficiently solve any problem and provide high-level services such as:

  • drafting declarations, including the earlier;
  • pereakreditatsiya accreditation and goods;
  • the cost of customs clearance, planning expenditure on goods;
  • storage on customs license warehouse;
  • certification of goods;
  • customs clearance of cargo in all modes – import, export and transit;
  • advising on foreign trade.

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