Customs control zone – designated place at checkpoints across the state border or elsewhere in the Customs territory of the State within which the customs authorities carry out customs formalities (providing customs control of goods and means of transport, combating smuggling, etc.).

Customs control zone is part of the checkpoint at the customs border of Ukraine or elsewhere area within which the customs authority carries out customs control.

Under the ‘regime of customs control’ need to understand the laws of Ukraine on customs regulations, prohibitions and restrictions of the goods, vehicles and citizens, provided the location of buildings and structures, as well as of economic activities in the area of customs (p. 1 Article .51 Customs Code of Ukraine (CCU) ).

According to ch. 2, Art. 51 CCU at the customs authority in the area of which created and operates the zone of customs control, the responsibility to ensure that:

  • safety of citizens,
  • safety of goods crossing the customs border of Ukraine,
  • adherence to, the rule of law in the area of customs control.

Regime of customs control establishes the procedure for accessing and staying in them officials who carry out passport and other types of state control.

Zone of customs control in the territory of  LLC «METENERHOMASH» officially runs from November 6, 2012. During this time, our specialists have served countless customers.

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